Hi, my name is Kevin and welcome to our store.  Qua-Luxe Store started in early 2022 with the intent to blend quality and luxury in women’s fashion.  With a successful year, my wife Renee and I are proud and very excited to be the new owners of the store as of June, 2023.  Personally, we have experienced challenges with online stores providing effective customer service.  With our nearly 30 years of service experience, our primary objective in managing Qua-Luxe Store is to provide our customers with affordable, quality fashion products with consistent and transparent communications and service. 
We are also working with very tenured business partners, to capitalize on their vast experience and success in product sourcing and world class service.  These connections have allowed us the ability to identify desirable products quickly, affordably and with high quality, and we strive to pass these savings to our customers.  A driving focus of our product set is not only to provide quality clothing, bags, shoes and jewelry at an affordable price, but to also unlock your sense of confidence and self assurance.  We know that when you look great, you feel great.  And when you feel great, there is nothing in life that you cannot accomplish.
Lastly, we want to bring our family-focused approach to our business and to our customers.  We were raised with a strong work ethic and focus on simply doing the right thing.  In addition to managing the store, our family has been raising service dogs for Guiding Eyes for the Blind and Canine Companions for over seven years, helping prepare young pups for a service-based career.  We believe in giving back to our community, and a portion of our sales will be used to continue helping support these fantastic organizations.
We are not a quick start-up, rather a deliberate and focused team that is here for the long term, continuing to evolve and serve.  We are here to build and maintain a brand based on trust, quality and value, and look forward to serving you as a highly appreciated customer!